FREE Crochet Mobile Phone Holder Pattern

Due to popularity of my Crochet Book/Tablet Holder Patterns (Series includes an Owl, Frog, Unicorn and other designs) I’ve decided to create a FREE mini version of this crochet pattern for mobile/cell phones. My Crochet Mobile Phone Holder (or Crochet Cell Phone Holder) is suitable for a majority of phones and it allows for the phone to […]

Autumn Scarf Free Crochet Pattern

Here is a pattern for a crochet scarf I’ve made as a gift last Christmas. Pattern includes crochet chart as well as written description. The video for this pattern is also in the plan for a New Year. Do you like the yarn I’ve used to make this scarf? There is a giveaway (18.12.17 to 23.12.17) […]

16 Crochet Christmas Gift Ideas Your Family and Friends Will Love!

I’ve seen quite few people asking on facebook groups for inspiration on what to make members of the family and friends for Christmas this year so I thought I’ll try to answer that question here. You probably made everyone a scarf, a hat and maybe even a granny square blanket. You also probably made all […]

New and exciting thing in Crochet!

I’m introducing you to my new crochet book/tablet holder patterns. This post should have been published nearly a month ago but I was so busy with designing the actual patterns that I’ve run out of time for blogging. The plan is to make as many crochet book holder patterns before Christmas as I can so […]

Crochet Rain Drops Pattern

Hi everyone, I’m back! Sorry to be absent for so long. If you followed me on my social media accounts then you’d have known I’ve had a little break from designing. I was pregnant and I had my gorgeous daughter Maria on the 19th of May 2017. After a little break from work and indulging in […]

Joining New Yarn – Magic Knot Tutorial

Magic knot is another technique of joining new yarn either in the middle or at the end of the row. This method gives you a very secure double knot. You can cut the yarn very close the knots therefore they are hard to see when the joined yarn is worked into the stitches. PROS: Very […]

Joining New Yarn – Russian Join Tutorial

If you don’t like any sort of knots in your crochet item then Russian Join Method could be the one for you. This technique of joining new skein/ball of yarn allows you  to join old skein with new one so it looks like one continuous piece of yarn (well, almost!) PROS: No visible knots. CONS: Ticker yarn […]

Crocheting in back bumps of the chain tutorial

Would you like your crochet fabric to be exactly the same at the top as it is at the bottom like on the photo above? There is a way to achieve it by crocheting in the back bumps of the foundation (starting) chain. This method not only gives you a nicer and neater finish but also […]

Tips and Trics 2 – How to stop yarn from rolling everywhere.

Today I will present few different tricks/hacks about how to stop the yarn ball or skein from rolling everywhere. Do you know that feeling when you sit down, put the yarn next to you on the sofa and within minutes the yarn falls down on the carpet and rolls far, far away from you on […]

Tips and Tricks 1 – How to make a crochet fabric square and even

Is your crochet fabric narrower at the bottom than it is at the top? When crocheting rows of sc, hdc, dc or any other stitch I ended up with the piece that wasn’t very square at the bottom and sort of had the corners missing. It was really bugging me. I couldn’t even make it […]

Invisible Finish (fasten off) Tutorial

Invisible finish or in other words Invisible fasten off is a crochet technique to join stitches together and fasten off the yarn usually when crocheting in round. Traditional method to end the round is to join last stitch of the round with top of first stitch using slip stitch. Then to fasten off you cut the yarn, […]

Standing Double Crochet Tutorial

Standing Double Crochet (US terms) or Standing Treble Crochet (UK terms) is used to join new ball of yarn/new color. Traditional way of joining new color is using slip stitch to join the new yarn and then to do 3 chains that count as first double crochet. Unfortunately the traditional  method is not perfect, sl st is visible […]

Magic Ring Tutorial

Magic Ring also known as Magic Circle is an adjustable ring used to begin crocheting in round. The traditional way to start crocheting in round is making 2 chains and then working all stitches of the first round in the 2nd chain from hook. Using 2 chains is not perfect though as sometimes it can leave […]

Crochet Skill Levels Chart

Here is the chart explaining different levels of crochet skills for reading crochet patterns. Click ‘download’ button for pdf version.

Do you want improve crochet pattern reading skills?

This pattern might be just something you were looking for! All my crochet patterns include detailed written description with notes and tips as well as photo tutorial showing what to do step by step. This time though I’ve also included a chart diagram for rounds 1-4 to help you understand and see where exactly all […]

Black Friday Sale on all Christmas Crochet Patterns

Hello Everyone! I have a great news for you! I’m doing a BLACK FRIDAY SALE in my Crochet Pattern Craftsy Shop on all my Christmas Crochet Patterns! You will be able to buy my Crochet Owl Pattern, Crochet Reindeer and Crochet Santa Ornament Patterns at a massive 50% discount! Normal price is $3.99 but from midnight […]

Crochet Ideas – Part 1 Crocheting Around Rope and Cord

Hi everyone, sorry for being very quite recently but wasn’t feeling very well (nothing bad). I will try my best to post regularly on here to provide you with some interesting crochet content. I came up with this idea to do a series of crochet articles about new trends in crochet and various interesting crochet […]