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Chainless Starting Double Crochet (DC)

I have only found out about about Chainless Starting Double Crochet (or Treble Crochet in UK terms) recently and I was really, I mean really impressed! This must be the best crochet tip I’ve learned together with invisible single crochet decrease.

In the traditional method when starting a row or a round of Double Crochets you make a 3 extra chains that work as DC. The chain stitches are thinner then DC stitches which sometimes causes a visible gap between the the 3-ch and DC stitches as on the photo below.



Chainless Double Crochet method allows you to start each row without making 3 ch and at the same time continuing to work with the same ball of yarn. Before I only knew the Standing Double Crochet method which allowed to start new round/row without 3 ch when joining new ball of yarn or new colour.

This is how Chainless Starting Double Crochet Looks like:


Step 1 – If working in a round, make 1 ch to start with. Then extend the working loop that’s on your hook to the approximate height of standard Dc. You may have to try few times first to achieve the right length of the stitch.

If working in rows. Make the same amount of chains as you want DC stitches and after doing first Chainless Dc proceed making another dc in 2nd chain from hook.

Step 2  – Place your finger on top of the hook, holding the loop on the hook in place. Wrap your hook around the enlarged working loop starting from the front and going around the back. Do NOT let go your finger from the top of the hook.

Step 3 – While still holding the yarn on the top of the hook with your finger, wrap the yarn over the hook (1st photo) and pull the yarn through the loop created in step 2.

Now you can take the finger off the loop on the hook.

Step 4 – Yarn over hook again and pull through the last 2 loops on the hook. That’s the Chainless Starting Dc finished.

Continue making remaining stitches as normal in the first chain made.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. I will soon also upload a video of this tutorial to my Youtube Channel so feel free to subscribe to it.

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