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Standing Double Crochet Tutorial

Standing Double Crochet (US terms) or Standing Treble Crochet (UK terms) is used to join new ball of yarn/new color. Traditional way of joining new color is using slip stitch to join the new yarn and then to do 3 chains that count as first double crochet. Unfortunately the traditional  method is not perfect, sl st is visible and the 3 chains look odd too especially when you crochet in round, you can clearly see where you started the stitches. Standing Double Crochet is a different technique that allows you to start new row with Double Crochet right from the first stitch. This method give you much nicer finish as all the stitches in round look the same. This way of joining the yarn was probably know for years and passed from previous generations but thanks to the internet this amazing trick went viral and is now commonly used by crocheters.


Step 1 – Put the yarn tail at the back of your crochet hook and put your pointing finger on top of it to hold it in place until you complete first 2 dcs, only then you can let it go. Now wrap the working yarn around crochet hook twice.

Step 2 – Insert the hook in the stitch where you want to make first dc and wrap the yarn over hook.

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Step 3– Pull the yarn through the stitch and you should now have 3 loops on your hook.


Step 4 – Yarn over hook and pull through first 2 loops on your hook. You should now have only 2 loops left.

Step 5 – Yarn over hook again and pull the yarn through remaining 2 loops on your hook and that’s it!

Your Standing Double crochet is now completed. Make another dc as dictated by the pattern and let go of the yarn tail.

At the end of the round simply join to top of standing dc.

As a result you have a lovely and even stitches and non of them stands out. You can also use this method with other stitches like single crochet, treble etc. To complete the nice finish of the circle use seamless finishing method.

Happy Crocheting!

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