Crochet Rain Drops Pattern

Hi everyone, I’m back! Sorry to be absent for so long. If you followed me on my social media accounts then you’d have known I’ve had a little break from designing. I was pregnant and I had my gorgeous daughter Maria on the 19th of May 2017. After a little break from work and indulging in […]

Free Crochet Flower Pattern Day 7 – Forget-me-not

Today is the last -7th -day of my Free Crochet Flower Pattern a Day Challenge. I was working very hard for the whole week to create all those free crochet flower patterns for you and I hope you will find them useful. If you don’t have any ideas on how to use those crochet flowers […]

Free Crochet Flower Pattern Day 6 – Daisy

Today I created easy daisy crochet pattern to add to my collection of free crochet flower patterns. This crochet flower is so easy to make that I’m sure any crochet beginner can follow it. eGuide: The Beginner’s Guide to Crochet Daisy also known as chamomile or camomile belongs to Asteraceae family. There is different type of daisies. […]

Free Crochet Flower Pattern Day 5 – Island Poppy

Day 5 of my free crochet flower pattern a day challenge and I made for you this Island Poppy. You may wonder why didn’t I just make a regular poppy that we all know, with black middle. The story is I was designing the pattern while in play center with my son and husband and […]

Free Crochet Flower Pattern Day 4 – Autumn Hawkbit

Today I decided to go for a yellow flower. So far in my collection I’ve made Purple Lavender Crochet Flower, White Primrose Crochet Flower and Light Blue Aster Crochet Flower so yellow will break it up nicely. I had a problem with naming the flower, there are 2 suspects, one flower is called Cat’s Ear […]

Free Crochet Flower Pattern Day 3 – Aster

Day 3 of my Free Crochet Flower Pattern a day challange and this time I’ve made a flower that is growing wild anywhere I look in the seaside town of Southport (UK) where I live. It took me some time to find the actual name of the flower. At first I thought it was a Seaside […]

Free Crochet Flower Pattern Day 2 – Primrose

8 ko;7tzzAnother day, another Free Crochet Flower Pattern as promised! This time I’ve prepared for you – Free Crochet Primrose Pattern. (Here you can find out more about Free Crochet flower pattern a day challenge I’ve set for myself). I have a large stash of yarn but couldn’t find anything appropriate at first, I’ve tried 2 […]

Free Crochet Flower Pattern Day 1 – Lavender

This is the first out of 7 free crochet flower patterns I will be making this week. Here is more information about my FREE CROCHET FLOWER PATTERN A DAY CHALLENGE. Today’s inspiration will be lavender! I love this flower and it was a theme on my own wedding two months ago (25 June 16). I […]

40 Free Christmas Crochet Patterns

This is compilation of some of the FREE Christmas Patterns I’ve found on the Internet including crochet baubles, crochet stars, crochet christmas pudding, crochet bell, crochet snowman, crochet christmas tree, crochet robin, crochet snowflakes, crochet stocking and crochet Angels. Remember to SHARE this post with your crochet friends!

Crochet Angel Christmas Ornament Free Pattern

Christmas time is the time of Sharing and Giving so I decided I will share my Crochet Patterns for 2 Angel Ornaments with you. Writing this I’m just on the plane coming back from week long holidays in my home country – Poland. Whilst on holidays I was making this little Crochet Angels for my […]