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Free Crochet Flower Pattern Day 5 – Island Poppy

Day 5 of my free crochet flower pattern a day challenge and I made for you this Island Poppy. You may wonder why didn’t I just make a regular poppy that we all know, with black middle. The story is I was designing the pattern while in play center with my son and husband and I simply forgot to take black yarn, all I had was red and loads of yellow shades, so I quickly did a google search and found this poppy with yellow middle, hurrey! The other problem was I couldn’t clearly see on the picture on my mobile if the flower had 4 or 5 petals so I just improvised and made 5 petals but after studying the flower closer at home I realized it should probably be only 4 petals but never mind, I think it turned out quite well anyway.


Free Crochet Island Poppy Pattern

I like to think my patterns are easy to read but if you are a beginner and still struggling with reading the patterns this book will help you:
Crochet Patterns For Dummies (US link)
Crochet Patterns For Dummies (UK link)

4mm Crochet hook
Drops Paris Cotton yarn
Tapestry Needle to hide yarn ends

I currently use Knit Pro crochet hooks as well as cheap bamboo ones if I’m missing any size in Knit Pro. They are nice as soft in a grip and steel part is very smooth. I’m very happy with them, the only thing that I don’t like is I only own them in black color as I bought them 3 years ago and they didn’t seem to have a color choice back then. Here are the Amazon links if you are would like to purchase the colorful Knitpro hooks:

KnitPro Waves Aluminium Crochet Hook, Set of 9, Green (UK link)
KnitPro Waves Aluminium Crochet Hook, Set of 9, Pink (US link)

Crochet Poppy Crochet Pattern Round 1,2&3– Refer to my Free Crochet Aster Flower pattern for the instruction on how to make a double sided middle of the flower but instead of making 10 sc in each round make just 9sc.

Crochet Poppy Crochet Pattern Round 4

Step 1. Sl St to the front loop and make 6 ch

Step 2. Sl St in the second chain from hook.

Step 3.  Make double treble in the same front loop.

Step 4. Make 2 ch.

Step 5. Sl st to 2nd ch from hook.* Pattern from *to* I will refer to as Picot in the rest of the pattern.

Step 6. In the next front loop make (dtr, picot, dtr, picot).

Step 7. In the next (3rd) front loop make (dtr, picot, 4ch, sl st back to the front loop).
Repeat all the steps 1 to 7 two more times to make 3 petals in total.

Crochet Poppy Crochet Pattern Round 5 – Sl St to back loop of sc that we left by working only in the front loop in the Round 4

Having all the petals right side facing make following stitches: 8ch, sl st from 2nd ch from hook make triple treble, picot, trtr, picot all in the same loop.

[Trtr, picot, trtr, picot, trtr, picot in the next back loop] x 3

Trtr, picot, trtr, picot, 6ch, sl st to the same loop.

In other words this is a large petal that is made over 5 back loops, and in each back loop you make 3 trtr with picots in between. Total 15 trtr (2 of them are made of chains, beginning and the last one).

Large petal over 5 back loops finished. Now you repeat the same pattern in the remaining 4 loops to make a slightly smaller back petal.

That’s how the flowers looks from the back.

Finishing: Follow photo instruction below for finishing.

Finished Crochet Island Poppy Flower

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