5 Crochet Book/Tablet Holder Patterns Booklet


By buying this booklet you save 40% from buying the patterns individually!

Those Crochet Book/Tablet Holders are not only a fun toy but also a very useful learning tool. After I’ve created those crochet book holder patterns, I’ve found out that presenting reading or math material in a vertical format is conducive to better learning. That’s because the mind is able to process in a more natural manner of looking forward rather than looking downward.

Thanks to this holder your child can even have a drink while reading or watching films on their tablets! How cool is that?

This listing is for a pattern booklet containing following patterns (click on the link for more details):

Suzi the Owl Book/Tablet Holder Pattern
Joe the Frog Book/Tablet Holder Pattern
Alice the Unicorn Book/Tablet Holder Pattern (same body pattern as Suzi the Owl)
Stuart Book/Tablet Holder Pattern
‘I love Books’ Book/Tablet Holder Pattern

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