Etsy Shops that sell hand made Cuddle and Play Crochet Baby Blankets designed by Crochet Arcade – Crochet Arcade

Etsy Shops that sell hand made Cuddle and Play Crochet Baby Blankets designed by Crochet Arcade

I have decided to created this page for everyone who can’t crochet but would like to own or buy as a gift one of the wonderful Cuddle and Play crochet blankets that I designed.

I’m an original crochet pattern designer who came up with this unique idea for a blanket that turns into a toy and featuring a separate head and legs at the end of 2017. My designs became and instant sensation since I published my first Cuddle and Play Sheep Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern in Feb 2018 because nothing like this has existed before. After that I created my best selling Crochet Cow Baby Blanket Pattern. I’ve since added a pig crochet blanket pattern, an elephant blanket crochet pattern and most recently Horse and Unicorn baby blanket crochet patterns to my collection. I’ll gradually be adding more animal designs to my portfolio.

Over the years I had many requests to sell ready made blankets to customers who can’t make them but unfortunately due to a busy lifestyle I do not have the necessary time required to crochet those blankets myself. That’s why I’m sharing with you the list of Etsy Shops where you will be able to purchase hand made crochet blankets made from my Cuddle and Play Crochet Patterns below.

Disclosure: I’m not associated with any of the shops below. Please do your own research about each maker and read the Etsy reviews before you make a purchase decision because I can’t take any responsibly for any problems that you may incur with those sellers.
I’m not sponsored by those sellers to promote their products but the links below are affiliate links. This means that Etsy will pay a small commission to me if you decide to purchase anything using the links below, at no extra cost to you.

1.  MissJennies UK based Etsy Store


2. HooksNLoopsByKathy  US based Etsy Store


3. AmysCustomCrochet23  US Based Etsy Store


4. MiasLTreasures   UK based Etsy Store


5. KathsCreativeCorner  UK based Etsy Store


6. Nelsknitting   UK based Etsy Store

7. Echomaedesign US based seller