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New and exciting thing in Crochet!

I’m introducing you to my new crochet book/tablet holder patterns. This post should have been published nearly a month ago but I was so busy with designing the actual patterns that I’ve run out of time for blogging. The plan is to make as many crochet book holder patterns before Christmas as I can so you my lovely crocheters  have as much choice as possible and all your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews can get a different models of my book/tablet holder.

How the idea for this came about? Well some of you may know I have a son. He is 7 and a half (I know the half is very important for kids :)) and he’s not very keen on reading. It always made me sad as I really love to read and when I was his age I wanted to read myself without any encouragement from my parents. Well, not everyone is the same and maybe the reading will not be his big passion but he still does need to read to actually learn and practice.

If you have read the about section you will know that I’m originally from Poland but I’ve lived in England for the past 11 years, so Sebastian was born in the UK and he has dual citizenship. My husband is Polish too and naturally the spoken language at our house is Polish. Because of that Sebastian needs to spend more time practicing reading in English to catch up with other kids at his class.  When I tried to read with him towards the evening he was playing with the book instead of reading, he was complaining he was too tired to hold the book (even though his books are like 20 pages long maximum lol).

One night I made him hot chocolate trying to make reading a more fun experience. So there was me sitting next to him holding his cup with a straw and him holding the book. I was then holding the drink next to his face so he can actually drink it and then I had a thought. What if I make him something that will hold the book for him! This way he won’t be complaining he’s too tired and he will be able to hold his own drink too!

The next day I’ve researched the internet and neither Google nor Pinterest found the crochet book holder I was looking for and at that moment I knew that this will be big!

I started the work straight away and was working tirelessly for weeks before finally finishing. My son was keep asking what am I making but I kept it a secret and was giving him hints but he never guessed till I actually told him. He was made up with it! He couldn’t wait to read that night, for the first time HE asked me if we can read!

It turned out that this book holder is perfect for our iPad too!

I’ve published Suzi the Owl and Joe the Frog book/tablet holders on the 16th October 2017 and it became an instant hit. They can be bought separately or in the 2pack for a discounted price I’ve started to create the list of ideas for new designs among which are: unicorn, monkey, giraffe, fox, raccoon, bear, lion, panda bear, cat dog and bunch of other animals.

After Suzi and Joe came the teen/adult version of my crochet book/tablet holder published on the 3rd of November. This model was made with ‘I <3 books‘ and ‘I <3 music’ writing in front and the back using tapestry color changing method. It’s perfect to browse the internet, watch the film or, as I use it, to talk with my family on Skype. The book holder is also ideal for people who read a lot and are tired from holding the books for a longer periods of time. I think it would also be great for people who make things from patterns to use it to put the pattern on as I present it on the photo below 🙂

Some people have been wondering what’s inside my crochet book rests that they hold everything so well. To answer your question it’s just a standard hollowfibre filling used in plush toys and pillows. Despite the fact my crochet book/tablet pillows are so soft, they are very steady at the same time. They hold books of almost any size. Pictured below is a book of A4 size and below that, smaller size book but a very thick one.

If you made one of my book holders or other designs I’d love to see the photo of it. Please feel free to join my Facebook Group Here. I’ll also be issuing exclusive discount codes at random times for the members of the group.

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