Suzi Owl Book Tablet Holder



This book/tablet holder is not only a fun toy but also a very useful learning tool. After I’ve created this book holder I’ve found out that presenting reading or math material in a vertical format is conducive to better learning. That’s because the mind is able to process in a more natural manner of looking forward rather than looking downward.

Thanks to this holder your child can even have a drink while reading or watching films on their tablets! How cool is that?

To save, you can buy this pattern in a pack with Joe the frog for £6.80 (around $9).




Crochet Hook:

Size 8 mm/L – for double chunky/bulky yarn

Size 6 mm/J – for chunky yarn

Yarn: Teddy Avril Double Chunky

(Note this yarn calls for 10 mm hook. I’ve used 8 mm hook so the holes between the stitches are minimal. If your store doesn’t stock this yarn you should be able to substitute it with any other yarn that calls for 10 mm hook. Just check your gauge/tension.)

Colour A: Pink (31) 350g

Colour G: Dark pink (044) 50g

Teddy Avril Chunky Knitting

Colour B: Black (26)

Colour C: Yellow (10)

Colour D: Pink (31)

Colour E: Cream (02)

Colour F: Mint (07)

Other: Yarn Needle, scissors, hollowfibre filling (around 240g), stitch marker.


Holder body: 31 cm (12 in) wide x 21 cm (8 in) deep x 28 cm (11 in) high.