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Free Crochet Flower Pattern Day 1 – Lavender

This is the first out of 7 free crochet flower patterns I will be making this week. Here is more information about my FREE CROCHET FLOWER PATTERN A DAY CHALLENGE.

Today’s inspiration will be lavender! I love this flower and it was a theme on my own wedding. I had lavender bouquet, lavender flowers on the table, lavender flowers in the Church, lavender decorated name tags, even the vodka was decorated with lavender!


So I’ve set myself a challenge today to make a crochet lavender flower pattern, I knew it wouldn’t be an easy flower to crochet but I wanted to make it so much as I have a vision of how I can use it! Crochet Lavender and other crochet flowers too, this will be my surprise bonus for you on the end of that challenge so keep on checking this blog.

Crochet Beyond Rectangles Class

Here is my finished CROCHET LAVENDER FLOWER:

Crafty Crochet Embellishments Class

Here is the detailed photo and written tutorial:

I like to think my patterns are easy to read but if you are a beginner and still struggling with reading the patterns this book will help you:

Free Crochet Lavender Flower Pattern:

Materials and tools needed:
For a Stem I used: Drops Paris cotton yarn – green color (42)
For Petals I used: The Art of Crochet Magazine yarn (160 meter in 100g) Lavender color
4.5 mm hook
3.5 mm hook
Tapestry needle to pull the ends of yarn in.
I currently use Knit Pro crochet hooks as well as cheap bamboo ones if I’m missing any size in Knit Pro. They are nice as soft in a grip and steel part is very smooth. I’m very happy with them, the only thing that I don’t like is I only own them in black color as I bought them 3 years ago and they didn’t seem to have a color choice back then. Here are the Amazon links if you are would like to purchase the colorful Knitpro hooks:
Crochet Lavender Flower Pattern STEP 1: Making a stem
To make a stem of my crochet flower I used a special double chain that I discovered few days ago called Romanian cord. There is few different types of it, I think this one is the thinnest.
To start, leave a long tail (around 70-100cm long depending on the required size of the stem) before your loop ring. I used 4.5mm hook.
It’s hard to expain this stitch in pictures, video would be better but I tried my best. Try this course if you are struggling Mastering Foundation Crochet Stitches (w/ Marty Miller). To make this stitch you basically work a chain but you grab the tail with you every time to create 2 loops instead of one to make a chain thicker.
1) Put the hook underneath the tail

2) hook the yarn that is going to the ball
3) pull the yarn that is going to the ball underneath the tail, now you have two loops on your hook
4) Hook the yarn going to the ball and pull it through the 2 loops
This is your first stitch made, now repeat this process until you achieve required length stem.
Finishing the stem: cut the yarn and pull both ends of the yarn through loop on the hook, tie both ends with the knot twice so it doesn’t unravel and hide the ends inside the stem.

This is front of the chain:
This is back:
Crochet Lavender Flower Pattern STEP 2: Making Crochet Lavender Flower
Now, I know it looks complicated and I won’t hide it’s a little bit tricky but I will try my best explaining it. The hole idea is to crochet 4 picots, one in each loop around the stem, then join it together (top of the lavender can be made with only 3 picots). You make the 4 picots every other stitch and the last one (the lowest one) skipping 2 or even 3 stitches. In total I’ve made 5 sets of 4 picots (or one set with 3 picots and 4 sets with 4 picots).
These are the 4 loops you will work your stitches in each round/row:
Front of the chain
Back of the chain

With 3.5mm hook (It’s easier to put smaller size hook in the stem) make a loop ring.
1) Join yarn to the first top loop with a slip stitch
2) Make picot (Make 3 chain, slip stitch back to the 1st ch)
3) Slip stitch to the next loop and make a picot
4) Turn the chain around and repeat step 3 two more times (or 1 more time if you only want 3 picots in the firs ‘row/round’)

5) Slip stitch to the first loop where you started and fasten off. Tie both ends of yarn together in a knot twice so it doesn’t unravel and hide the ends inside the flower and stem, cut off the excess yarn.
(Like I said before you can make only 3 picots in this round to make it look more realistic)
Repeat steps 1-5 four more times skipping one chain round between each row of 4 picots and skip 2 or 3 chain rounds before the last set of picots to make a larger space.
Crochet Lavender Flower close up
What can you use lavender crochet flower for? Surprise me with your ideas in comments. I’m thinking you could stitch it to: crochet candle holder, crochet handbag, crochet blanket, crochet pillow, crochet tea cosy?Quick & Easy Crochet Cowls (w/Tamara Kelly) Some more photos of Crochet Lavender Flower.


I hope you enjoyed this pattern. You are welcome to share a link to this free crochet pattern on your blog or facebook page with a photo and short description but please don’t copy and paste the pattern anywhere.

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