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How to download crochet pattern purchased on Raverly

I’m a pattern designer and I sell my patterns via this website but also on other platforms like Raverly, Etsy and Love Knitting. Big chunk of my working time is taken by replying to customers emails, mostly relating to not being able to download the PDF patterns they purchased from my shops. Because I’m trying to maximise the time I’m actually designing new patterns and decrease the time I’m spending on administrative tasks, I decided to prepare a very detailed photo tutorial on how to download, save and open the files you purchased from my shops. The tutorial below relates to downloading the patterns from Raverly and you can use it for downloading any pattern from this platform and not just my patterns. To see the tutorial on how to download crochet patterns you purchased from Etsy click here and how to download patterns purchased via this site click here.


Option 1. Click on the link on the payment confirmation page (the page you get re-directed to after your payment is completed). If you refreshed or left this page too quickly you can’t get back to it, so use option 2 or 3.

Option 2. Download the pattern from your Raverly account if you were logged in during the purchase.

Option 3. Click on link sent to you via automatic email (If you bought via Raverly account you have to be logged in to your account on your web browser for the links from your email to work).

If you checked out as guest, you can only download using option 1 & 3. So if you can’t see the pattern in your library you possibly weren’t logged in or you’ve set up another account by mistake. You can check if you bought via account or not by looking at your confirmation email from Raverly. If you purchased as a guest there will be no mention of any username in the first line as on the comparison photos below.


Step 1. Click on the photo of the pattern or highlighted link (circled in red on the picture below).

Step 2. Save the file to your computer. How to save the file will depend on the web browser you are using and it’s download settings. If you use Internet Explorer, click either on ‘save‘ or ‘save as‘ on the pop up at the bottom of the screen. If you click on ‘save‘, the file will be automatically saved to your ‘Downloads‘ folder on your computer. If you choose ‘Save as‘, another window will pop up and you will be able to choose the folder location you want the file saving to yourself (e.g. Desktop or your folder with patterns etc.).

Step 3. Click ‘open folder‘ to view the file in your saved location. Or minimise the web browser and open the folder that you saved your file to directly on your computer. Double click on the PDF file to open it in your PDF viewer software which you should already have installed on your computer (most popular is Adobe Acrobat Reader). Use the pattern by reading from the screen or click on ‘File‘->’Print‘ to print the pattern out.


Step 1. Log in to your Raverly account and click on your photo in top right hand corner to open your account.

Step 2. Click on ‘Library’ (When you buy via account your pattern is added to your library automatically).

Step 3. Click on the pattern you wish to download.

Step 4. Click on ‘Download‘ button and save the file to your computer.

Alternatively click on ‘Raverly downloads‘ from left panel and click either on the link or the photo of the pattern to download and save it to you PC.


Step 1. Log in to the email account you have registered with on Raverly or the email address you typed in during the checkout if you checked out as guest and find email from ‘Raverly Downloads‘.

Step 2. Click on the pink ‘Download your pattern file‘ button or picture of the pattern which is also a link. If you bought as guest you will be able to download the files immediately. If you bought via Raverly account you have to be logged in to your account on your web browser for the links from your email to work. If you wait too long to download the file, your link may be expired. In this case after clicking on the link type your email address to be send a new email with renewed links.

Step 3. Save the file to your computer (follow steps 2&3 of option 1)

Can’t find an email from Raverly?

  • Make sure you are logging in with correct email address to look for the email from Raverly. The email was sent to the email address associated with your Raverly account or the one you provided during the checkout as guest.
  • Check spam/junk mail folder.
  • Check Promotions & Social tabs in Gmail.
  • Type ‘Raverly’ or ‘‘ in the search box of your email and hit enter.
  • Type your order/invoice ID number in the search box, which you can find on the payment receipt from your payment provider like PayPal or card payment confirmation.

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