Black Friday Sale and Charity Donation from each pattern sold – Crochet Arcade

Black Friday Sale and Charity Donation from each pattern sold

I’m so very excited to tell you about my Black Friday Offer this year! Why? Because it just feels so good to give back. I’m so grateful for the life I have, that I can do what I love and support my family doing this. I know that there is so many people that go through a very hard time on a daily bases and I want to help.

Do you want to join me?

If you do, it’s very simple. You can get yourself one (or more) of my crochet patterns, receive 5% discount and I’ll donate an additional 10% from each sale to the Charity. So by purchasing the pattern from Crochet Arcade this weekend you will not only receive a discounted pattern, you will also feel fantastic that you donated to Charity! How great is that?

THAT’S NOT EVERYTHING! If you are not bothered about receiving 5% discount you can choose not to use the discount code below but buy the patterns at the full price. From the sales of crochet patterns at the FULL PRICE, I’ll be DONATING 15% to the Charity.

Black Friday sale crochet patterns and charity collection

THIS OFFER WILL LAST ENTIRE WEEKEND! FROM Midnight, Friday 23/11/18 UNTIL Midnight, Sunday 25/11/18. That is in London, UK Timezone.

Here is the 5% discount code which is the same for each site where you can purchase my patterns:





Note: The prices may vary on each site due to extra fees and taxed charged to my shop.

I’ll post how much I’ve managed to collect for a charity on Monday 26 Nov 2011. Follow me on social media to get an update on the result (links are at the top left corner of the webpage and on the sidebar) 🙂