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Magic Ring Tutorial

Magic Ring, also known as Magic Circle, is an adjustable ring used to begin crocheting in the round or the spiral round. The traditional way to start crocheting in the round is making 2 chains and then working all stitches of the first round in the 2nd chain from hook. Using 2 chains is not perfect though as sometimes it can leave us with a hole in the middle of the circle which is hard to close later on and that’s where the Magic Ring comes to the rescue! With an adjustable magic ring, you simply make all the stitches around the loop/ring created and then pull at the starting tail to close the ring as tight as you want. If the hole in the middle re-appears after crocheting more rounds you can still tighten it at any time at the later stage.

Crocheting in the Round: Mix & Match Hats (w/ Stacey Trock)


Step 1 – Make a loop by putting working yarn (that goes into a ball/skein) on top of starting tail.

Step 2 – Insert hook through the centre of the loop, yarn over and pull up working yarn inside the ring and then upwards.

Step 3 – Make 1 starting chain to start working Single Crochet stitches (US terms)/Double Crochet stitches (UK terms) in the first round. If your pattern tells you to make US Double Crochets/UK Treble Crochets in the first round then make the usual number of starting chains which is this case would be 2 or 3).

Step 4 – Proceed to make the required number of Single Crochet stitches (US terms)/Double Crochet stitches (UK terms) around the magic ring. To make a first sc stitch insert hook inside the ring, yarn over, pull up a loop through the ring, yarn over hook, pull through 2 loops on your hook. Continue making the remaining stitches in the same space.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure to crochet around both the loop and the starting tail as in the photos below. If you will make all the stitches only around the loop only and leave out the starting tail, you won’t be able to close the ring.

Step 5 – After you make the required number of stitches (with sc it’s usually 6 in the first round) pull on the starting tail to close the ring and that’s where all the magic happens!

As a result you have a nice circle with no hole in the middle. Proceed with the rest of the pattern as usual.

Happy Crocheting!

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