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Joining New Yarn – Magic Knot Tutorial

Magic knot is another technique of joining new yarn either in the middle or at the end of the row. This method gives you a very secure double knot. You can cut the yarn very close the knots therefore they are hard to see when the joined yarn is worked into the stitches.

PROS: Very secure

CONS: Visible knot


If you prefer the video tutorial, then head to our Instagram, but if you prefer photos and written descriptions, read the tutorial below.

Note: I used 2 different colours of yarn so it’s easier to understand the tutorial.

Step 1 – Wrap your new yarn around the old yarn, few inches away from the end as seen on the photos below.

Step 2 – Grab the end/tail of the new yarn together with working yarn and pull in opposite directions.

Step 3 – Now wrap the end/tail of the old yarn around the working end of new yarn the same way as in step 1 and tie the knot.

You will end up with something like this:

Step 4 – Pinch the working ends of the old and new yarn and pull them in the opposite directions to bring the knots together.

Step 5 – Clip of the yarn ends as close to the knots as you can.

There you go! That’s the finished Magic Knot.

That’s how the Magic Knot looks like when worked into crochet stitches. It would obviously be less visible if we used same colour yarn. Have a go and try yourself! If you don’t like how the Magic Knot looks like then check out other method of joining the yarn without the knot called Russian Join.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Happy Crocheting!