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Diamond crochet blanket pattern

Phew! I’ve finally managed to finish and publish my Geometric Diamond  Crochet Blanket Pattern (including Crochet Pillow Pattern)!

I was very annoyed with myself couple of days ago when I discovered the date of the files on my computer regarding this crochet pattern going back to 1st of April 2014!!! Time is flying and I can’t believe I was putting away publishing the pattern for so long… especially that I had almost everything ready:
-step by step crochet tutorial nicely photographed – checked
-everything uploaded to the software together with detailed written instructions – checked

All I was missing was the photo of the ready made crochet pillow for the front cover of the pattern page! I had these two pieces of crochet fabric, just needed to stitch them together but I got so occupied with my other business that I run together with my husband that I’ve run out of time and totally forgot about the unfinished and unpublished crochet pattern.

Yesterday I’ve managed to take some nice pictures and after few more hours of editing my Diamond Crochet Blanket and Pillow Pattern is finally ready to get.

I’ve made this pillow cover to be double sided so you can see how this patter would look like in a different colorway. The

choice of colors was inspired by 70s decoration style.

This crochet pattern is very versatile and can be used in many ways. In the written description I’ve included instruction on how to make a crochet pillow cover or crochet blanket in any size you want in 10cm increments.

Fantastic Finishes: Edgings & Borders

Here are some close ups of the actual diamond crochet stitch that I think I have invented. Well you can never say for sure if you came up with totally new crochet stitches or not. Crocheting has been with us for so long so we may be repeating stitches invented years and years ago but so far I haven’t seen stitch same as mine anywhere. I was scratching my head and undoing the stitches a lot making this pattern but hopefully the result is worth it. 🙂

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