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Crochet Ideas – Part 1 Crocheting Around Rope and Cord

Crochet is a very old type of art but even though there is still a lot of people making crochet doilies and granny squares, we can notice some new crochet trends developing. I’ve recently notices a new crochet fashion of crocheting around certain type of materials like different types of rope, cords and even led lights cord! This is great for achieving crochet fabric that is very sturdy and more durable.


Crocheting over or around the cord has probably been invented a while ago but all I’ve seen before was crocheting around the headphones cord or phone charger etc. Recently I’ve spotted a new trend crocheting over the cotton cord or a rope to create a more rigid crochet items like crochet bowls, crochet baskets, crochet backpacks, soles etc.

Where to buy the cotton cord and rope? I’ve found a lot of different types on Amazon:

Check out this lady on the instagram under etnobaba who creates most amazing crochet items with cotton cord and yarn.

This is some of the work of Krystyna/etnobaba:

Crochet handbag made by crocheting around the cotton cord:

Here is another interesting crochet tutorial on how to make a crochet rope basket. This one is using rope instead of cotton cord which gives this lovely old cottage look that is so in fashion right now:





Using colourful rope is fun too as seen on this blog.


Some people go even more adventures in their crochet creations. Look at this LED Crochet Rug made by crocheting around a LED lights cord. Original desing by Johanna Hyrkäs.



Hope you liked this crochet ideas and happy crocheting!