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Free Crochet Flower Pattern a day challenge!

OK, so I was just sitting here on my couch today and this idea jumped in to my head. I want to challenge myself and give you more free crochet patterns on my blog, therefore starting from TODAY I will come up with a FREE CROCHET FLOWER PATTERN each day for the next 7 days! I hope you love the idea and will be watching this blog to see what I came up with.

I’m purposely posting this challenge here today so I can’t pull out of this along the way and to make myself accountable in front of you.

I will use the inspiration for my crochet flower patterns from the real life flowers and will try to make them look as much realistic as I can.

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UPDATE – My Free Crochet Flower Pattern a Day challenge is over, see the results below.

Here is the list of Free Crochet Flower Patterns I’ve made during this challenge:

1) Free Lavender Crochet Flower Pattern

2) Free Primrose Crochet Flower Pattern