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Cuddle and Play Crochet Horse Blanket

Cuddle and Play Crochet Giraffe Blanket

The most unique and modern baby shower gift you can crochet to impress and positively surprise the recipients, making you feel proud and appreciated.



Reasons why parents will love the horse blanket as a gift for their baby:

  • Functional – can be used as a blanket, toy, playmat, or even cushion!
  • Modern – will suit people who are not fans of the traditional granny square.
  • Neutral Colours – will look amazing hung on the cot in any nursery.

Reasons why you will love using Cuddle and Play Horse Blanket Crochet Pattern:

  • 35 Tutorial Videos
  • 100+ Photos
  • 26 Pages with a detailed written description
  • Additional picture chart for the blanket
  • Unlimited Pattern support within 48 hours