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Free Crochet Flower Pattern Day 6 – Daisy

Today I created easy daisy crochet pattern to add to my collection of free crochet flower patterns. This crochet flower is so easy to make that I’m sure any crochet beginner can follow it.

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Daisy also known as chamomile or camomile belongs to Asteraceae family. There is different type of daisies. The one I chose to crochet today is called Matricaria Chamomilla also known as Water of Youth, German chamomile or wild chamomile, the most commonly used species.

I have to tell you that during this Free crochet flower pattern a day challenge I have learnt a lot about plants. To find the flower I wanted to crochet I had to look through a lot of pictures online, find the name of the flower and it’s not as easy as you would thought. There is a lot of type of flowers that look almost the same, are from the same family but yet are different species and have different names because of the slight differences in the way they look and where they grow.

Ok enough of boring stuff about the plants. I introduce my 3D Crochet Daisy Flower:


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My free crochet daisy flower pattern is written in US terms, For the middle I’ve used ‘Teddy Cleopatra Cotton’ shade 3935 it’s Double Knitting cotton that I purchased yesterday because I was getting annoyed with my chunky yarn making all my flowers.. well.. chunky! This one is nice and delicate. For the petals I used something even more delicate so white thin crochet cotton, the one that you use for making doilies and I think the combination worked really well as the petals came out very delicate, like in a real flower. For both yarns I used 2.5mm hook (US C/2) that’s because this is the smallest hook I owe.

I currently use Knit Pro crochet hooks as well as cheap bamboo ones if I’m missing any size in Knit Pro. They are nice as soft in a grip and steel part is very smooth. I’m very happy with them, the only thing that I don’t like is I only own them in black color as I bought them 3 years ago and they didn’t seem to have a color choice back then. Here are the Amazon links if you are would like to purchase the colorful Knitpro hooks:

KnitPro Waves Aluminium Crochet Hook, Set of 9, Green (UK link)
KnitPro Waves Aluminium Crochet Hook, Set of 9, Pink (US link)

Skills needed to make this pattern:
-Working in rounds
– Increasing stitches

If you are struggling with any of those skills here are some Craftsy courses that can help you:
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Free Crochet Daisy Flower Pattern

I like to think my patterns are easy to read but if you are a beginner and still struggling with reading the patterns this book will help you:
Crochet Patterns For Dummies (US link)
Crochet Patterns For Dummies (UK link)

Crochet Daisy Flower Pattern – Round 1

Make a magic ring with yellow yarn (check out my Free Crochet Primrose Flower Pattern to see how to work stitches around the magic ring). Alternatively make 2 ch and work all the stitches in the 2nd ch from hook.
Make 1ch and then 8 sc around the magic ring, mark last sc with a stitch marker and continue working in round (without sl st)

Crochet Daisy Flower Pattern – Round 2
[1sc in next sc, 2 sc in the next sc] x 4, 12 sc made

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Crochet Daisy Flower Pattern – Round 3

[1 sc in each sc]x12, 12 sc made, sl st to the next st and fasten off yellow.

Crochet Daisy Flower Pattern – Round 4
Join white yarn with the slip stitch to any of the sc from previous round.

Petal 1 is worked all in one stitch [4ch, dtr, dtr, 4ch, sl st back to the same st, then sl st to the next st] repeat pattern for petal 11 more times. In total we will have 12 petals. Fasten off and hide all of the yarn ends using tapestry needle.

Crochet daisy flower is ready!

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